Our Purpose


alexlanka is a project launched in August 2020. There are a number of reasons to start this project. In the year 2020, social media accounts like Youtube and facebook of some of the popular characters we know in Sri Lanka and several other countries were taken over by hackers. As we explored this, we came to know how this happened. This is after installing an app or software on your computer. Some softwares developers and app developers have misused their knowledge to do this. Another reason for this is downloading softwares and apps from unreliable websites.


So what we do is provide your computer with the softwares, virus-free, softwares not created by hackers. Our main goal is to provide reliable softwares that do not fall prey to softwares created by hackers.


About Us


The main purpose of this website is to give you the opportunity to download virus free software. We have given you the opportunity to easily download the software you need. We provide a basic description of the software. By reading it you can get an overview of the software. However, we are not responsible for that software.